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Friday, August 17, 2007

Before Mew going to US...

Before Mew going to US...

In Kuching...

Grandpa: Before Mew going to US, 'tapau' this 'Kolo Mee' for him OK? Remember!
Papa: Ok, ok!

A dinner with relatives in Kuching

A Dinner with relatives in Sarikei

Mew with G-Kim, G-Ku and Ah Tang's baby

Mew and Ah Ku

Mew and Emi (at Emi's house).

Mew is trying to snatch the 'hot dog' from Emi.

In Bintulu...

Mew with Koko and Ah Ju Cece

Koko: Mew, do u feel good?
Mew: Yeah, I feel good!

Something we called it 'NG' or probably the most irritating photos of the YEAR! But, nice!

Mew: R u ready, Ah Hia?

Me: Yeah, let's start it!!!




Oink, oink! ~!@#$%^&*

Taking pictures with parents.

Me: Errr Mew, don't you think we need to make that kind of faces?
Mew: You really want to do?
Me: Errr....

Taking a photo with Lakku

Friday, January 12, 2007

Ah Tang's Wedding in Miri

Yam Seng!!!

Ah Siang and his parents

Too happy to receive 'Ang Pow' from us

The Lim's sisters


My Family

What? That's all???

Holiday in Miri

We went to Miri on the 8th of December 2006 if I'm mistaken...

Mew started the journey

Mew's deadly pose

Something wrong to Mew's head

Tua E deadly pose. Peace, peace!

My Deadly Smile...hehe...

Testing my power

Tua E testing power

E Ma testing power

Pity Tua E. E'body forced her to stand there
Shake, shake! Shake ur bon bon... Lousy driver!